Have you ever been at a spot in public probably listening to music and sipping your coffee.

Suddenly every body that passes you seems to be running. while those who are not running seems to be walking really fast.

This happened to me some time this week, after work I decided to relax at a cool spot for a while before heading home.


I sat there peacefully for about 30 minutes, suddenly a lady ran pass me carrying her handbag like a baby. I didn't pay much attention to that. In less than a minute, another man ran pass me. I must say, i was getting concerned, though it was kind of funny the way they were running.

I adjusted in my chair, ready for any sudden movement. Could they be running to meet a bus, or were they running away from someone, or was the lady running away from the later. Ad midst my thinking, a third person ran pass, this time it was a one armed man, running like his life depended on it.


This story brings me to my topic; Set aside sports and recreation? Why do people run?

Are you running to meet up a business meeting? Are you running to meet up an exam? Are you running to meet up an interview? Are you running to meet up a train or plane ticket?

There was a period in my life when I told myself and anybody that cared to listen that nothing can make me run. I believed i could never be late for anything because i always start preparing on time. But now I look back at the young me and i laugh.

Whenever I see someone running I sort of make a list of possible reasons why the person is running -I have no idea why I do this.

But then I have been making list for people, and I have never made a list for myself. So I decided to make a list of what could possible make me run.

  • Life And Death Situation...

    Any situation that i sense a probability of ending up dead or injured, you will definitely see me running.

  • Natural Disaster...

    If there's an earthquake, tornado or any other scary natural disaster, you will definitely see me running in the opposite direction.

  • Riot...

    I really do not like protest because most protest leads to violent riot. I hate violence a lot, so whenever I sense a riot, you will see me running away from the scene.


  • Rain...

    Yeah if it is raining and I'm not in a car or with an umbrella I'll be seen running to a shelter, and I'll probably stay there till the rain stops, because I can't bear walking under rain.


*Most importantly, when I am urgently needed in the rest room
Well well there are times when I need to get there in the next minute, then you will definitely see me running.

There you have it.. Now whenever you see me running, these might be the reason I'm on the run. What about you, what could make you run?



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A lot of things can make me run, the one that amuses me most is running because I saw some other people running.
I remember back then in school when we have to run to lectures because we were late.
I can also run when I'm being sent on an urgent errand.
I have this habit of running up the staircase

Posted via proofofbrain.io