" If the CREATOR really exists he wouldn't let me be in this situation right now. As I face death eyeball to eyeball my advice to you all is "don't BURNOUT thousands of candles in the name of night vigil, it's all a waste of time."

                 Few hours earlier ...

The alarm rang for the fifth time, it should be 4:20am now, because that is a 4 o'clock alarm set to snooze for five minutes. If it's 4:20, then you know it's time to light up a blunt. I can't start my day without a smoke to clear my head and get me ready for the day.


As i puff my smoke into the air, I take a long look at my beautiful wife, she is sleeping like an angel, but trust me she is no angel. We have been having quarrels for so long that i have actually forgotten what we are actually quarreling about.

My eyes are blood red now, exactly how I want them to be. I was taking my shower when I heard a loud scream coming from my daughters room. I dash to her room, with my wet body half covered with a towel. My wife actually got there before me.

"What is it my princess? "

I asked with all curiosity.

Little Diana was short of words, she rushed towards me, hugged me really tight and said with tears in her eyes;

"Daddy please don't go out today."

"What is the matter, did you have a nightmare?"

My wife asked.

"Mum it was not just a nightmare, it was a revelation. I think God was trying to speak to me."

I couldn't help laughing hard;

"and what exactly did he say to you my love?"

"Dad this is not funny. I could hear him say clearly
Yet having ears
You do not hear
You do not fear
Probably because I'm not there
But today I will appear
In A tornado I shall send there
Only to bring you near
Then if you dare
To keep going Astray
If truly you do not fear
Then it ends today my dear
But if you stay clear
And turn to me in despair
Then your life I will spare."

I laughed loud again
I squatted closer to my daughter and said to her;

"Princess Diana, these are just POETIC FLOW OF WORDS. I think you watch too many movies. Last week you had A DANCE FEVER and you couldn't just stop dancing. Today you are Joseph the dreamer. There's nothing to worry about dear. I have been going to work for 10 years and coming back safely, today won't be different. Go back to bed dear, it is too early for you to be up."

I rushed back to my room, trying to get ready for work. I was wearing my SOCKS when my wife came into our bedroom with a sleepy and worried face.

"Darling, don't you think you should listen to your daughter, this could actually be God speaking through her. We need to pray on this to know what God truly wants to tell us. Please just stay home today."

"Woman please don't start with your preachings. As You can see I'm already late for work. If I wanted to hear the word of God, I would go to the church."

I stormed out of the house partly angry at my family for making me late for work and partly amused by my daughter's dreams.


I got to my office, only to realize that I had forgotten my cell phone at home. How will i contact my clients?
Honestly I can't last one hour at work without my phone. I had to dash out of the office and head home.

Now I was really angry and mad at everyone. If only my daughter hadn't had that useless dream, my day wouldn't have started so rough.

There was a road block on the normal route I took to work due to a slight TORNADO picking up in that area.


I had to take another route which I am not so familiar with and this will make my journey home longer. This got me more angry. I had only 30 minutes to meet up with the appointment with my clients, i was driving as fast as I could.

My head was full of so many thinking. I needed a smoke. I took out a stick of cigarette from the pack, but then I couldn't find my lighter. I took my eyes off the road for two seconds to look for my lighter in the pigeon hole.

Then it happened, I didn't see the ditch on time. Trying to avoid the ditch had me leaving the road track and had my car Summersault down the hill. I could feel my head hitting hard on different parts of the car. The car finally came to rest, but I couldn't move. I couldn't feel my legs. I reached for my phone, only to remember I had no phone on me. I couldn't scream for help, i couldn't call for help. All I could think of were my daughter's words.


That takes us back to the scenario at the beginning. Even in death, I refused to believe in God.

This is a freewrite prompt by @marrianewest Do ensure to join the freewrite house @Freewritehouse


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From my own perspective this a free world and anybody has the right to say anything he or she wants to say.i encourage everyone here to believe that there is God.

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I wonder how many times we ignore the obvious. Weird nice story. :) A modern day parable.


So many times in life we ignore important clues staring right at us.
Thanks A lot for dropping by🙂

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