Neca's Terminator 2


Finally, Neca Terminators!

After a long time working and living indoors (i.e. for almost two years now) due to the currently raging worldwide insanity, it has been a joy and pleasure to be out in the streets again and doing some outdoor activities. Incidentally, this collector and these three figures accidentally crossed paths.








There are plenty of good reasons to get these three.

First, they are relatively hard to find in the wild in this part of the world. In fact, this collector has never seen these figures before, either in person or online. Although admittedly, he has rarely given attention to Terminator figures in the past, and only gave them a passing look at toy stores before moving on to the main line he is collecting.

Secondly, they are cheap. Prices in evilbay are unsurprisingly high, and although Amazon's prices are reasonable, international shipping makes them just as exorbitant as scalpers' prices. These three, however, were acquired at relatively low prices considering their relative rarity, poseability (lots of articulations, as can be expected from Neca), collectability, and sheer aesthetic.

Thirdly, in the Terminator franchise, probably the best installment is Terminator 2, Judgment Day. This is T-800 and Sarah Connor at their best, and the movie has the best villain hands down, T-1000. Absolutely no other Terminator movie beats this one.

Fourthly, its brand is Neca. For some collectors, this is reason enough. Although Neca is not perfect, its figures are almost always among the most excellent choices in their price range, and this collector has never regretted buying a Neca piece ever. These three are no exception.

And finally, this collector is a sucker for robotic A.I. characters, especially if they are villains. And the Terminators are among the best of them.

So far, T-1000 and T-800 have not yet been opened, but the endoskeleton just begs to be free of its plastic prison.



It is very interesting to note the details and attention Neca has given to this endoskeleton. There is a lot going on here, with wires, tubes, hydraulics, and mechanical parts that give the figure a lot of value for money.


Aside from the generous details and sculpts at the back, also note the large round red piece at the back of the head. This is not part of the original design, but it serves to let the eyes in front fire up its trademark ominous red glow when a light is shone from the back.



Below, the endoskeletal Terminator is compared to the McFarlane Warhammer 40,000 Necron Warrior, which, even if it is a lot newer, still pales in comparison to the Neca figure. These Neca Terminators will most probably age well in the decades to come.


The Neca details and beauty are miles ahead of McFarlane.


This collector journeyed far and wide for these three pieces, and shelled out much resources for them that are beyond his budget.

Unfortunately, once acquired, they got lost in the department store while he was trying out and purchasing a new belt. It is not too painful to lose T-1000 and T-800, but the endoskeleton figure is a rare gem that may never be seen again.

Faith in humanity was restored, however, because mall employees dutifully brought the items to the Customer Service section and labeled them Lost and Found. After much scouring and worrying, the owner was reunited with them.

These employees were never named, and they are lost to history, but they will forever remain in this collector's heart, and will have his eternal gratitude. Because of them and the incident, these pieces are now considered heirlooms, however cheap they may be, and true lucky charms. They are small but significant gifts in this time of despair. They bring joy to the soul and much gratitude to strangers. These figures will never be sold to another.

Much gratitude also goes to the sponsor of the entire trip, for without her, these pieces would have gone to some other collector and no adventure would have occurred today.

Thank you for being alive!


I may have been mistaken. Arnold may have been T-101.