safety for mobile use


    Safety for mobile use

The radiation of your phone should be checked out by pressing*#07# and if the radiation is below 1.6 watt then your phone is safe for you to use but any thing above 1.6 watt then you have to change your phone immediately as it is no longer safe for your health.

Never use your right ear to receive a call as that is near to your brain and your cell phone affect your brain when in close contact so use your left for calls,

Placing your phone in your shirt pocket is not safe as it is close to your heart which the vibration of it is bad for your heart,

Do not put your phone in the bra as a lady or allow your phone to have close contact with your breast, it is not safe for you.

Do not put your phone under the pillow at night as this is not safe for your brain, keep your phone at good distance any time you want to sleep,

Do no place your phone on your mattress when charging with normal light or power bank, as this increase the temperature of your cell phone and it can explode when the temperature is high, stay safe

Do not use your phone near your cylinder and cooking gas as the wave is not safe for you and your house pls put your phone away from your gas.

Do not pick your call when charging as this can increase the temperature of your phone and it can explode so disconnect your phone from charging.

Stay safe as you use the technology.

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