MU Origin - Magic Gladiator Introduction [Gameplay #1]

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Video was recorded with Mobizen

Hi, everyone. This is my first gameplay I write and kinda hoping there is not one for this game. I grew up with MU Online and I just found out there is an android version, can you imagine? MU Online for phones, first facebook app now MU. 😳 I was shock as you 😄 and the whole day my phone was just stuck in my hand. Keep playing and playing till I get to my favorite Magic Gladiator. So lets my noob gameplay begin and hope you enjoy it.




  • Power Slash - Fires multiple spherical lightning bolts
  • Twister Cut - Spins while swinging his weapon
  • Cross Sword - Attacks the surrounding area with an attack that resembles a cross dealing massive damage and inflicting slow on enemies
  • Flame Strike - Attacks toward the enemies in front dealing
  • Fire Blood - Creates an explosion from a bloody curse inflicting burn on surrounding enemies
  • Ice Seal - Performs an ice attack toward the front
  • Moonlight Slash - Performs crescent slash attack
  • Blood Storm - The rays that appear from summoning the magic sword attacks enemies in front


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