Flowers in the attic [EN]

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"Flowers in the attic" is the very embodiment,
of the word sin. The world of the rich and everything they experience. There are countless such films because it is these experiences that forge a person in real life or movie life.
And what could be better than doing it on film?
Andrews was one of the authors who managed to describe to the smallest detail,
human experiences. Most of her books are based on real stories
and that is what makes them so unique and personal to her, and the adaptations so real.
They give a voice to those who cannot be heard or are simply afraid. "Flowers in the attic" is one gloomier
world of love, wealth, and family values. If you like family dramas, this is definitely for you.
We see a set full of torture, the true face of greed, and the irreplaceable love of the family.
The mother was rejected by her family because of one of the most horrible sins, love for a relative. But this is something beautiful ...
That's right, but love itself, mixed with more intimate feelings, makes it just as scary.
The irresistible force of poverty motivates her to return to where she came from. Your family.
Together with her children, "offspring" of her family love, she returns to that terrible world in which family values
are much stronger than wealth. Locked up in the attic, the children experience the severe lack of a family figure, a mother who in turn
is ready for anything, to feel the taste of luxury and wealth again.
Even at the cost of her family. It is the things that, so many years ago, she was rejected by her family
the children are experiencing. The sins of parents are passed on to children. Oedipus complex, brother and sister complex.
The only closeness they feel is their own, with each other. And for closed children who are just entering puberty and enduring all this,
and the rejection by their native mother, this leads to a repetition of history. We live to repeat the past, we long for the future, but we do not look
at the present. Brother and sister. This is not so horrible if you think about it. What is horrifying is what one has gone through to get to this point.
In real life, it could be the death of a family member, drugs, or something completely different. The factors are innumerable. But the strongest factor -
greed plays a much more important role in the film series. Greed blinds the mother to such an extent that she is ready to kill.
It is all these things that forge the future destinies of children and everything that follows in the series. A gothic version of real-life filled with all of the deadly sins and something darker and unknown even for us.
The most horrifying thing, the true human nature. There is nothing more horrifying than that.