Day 1688: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: reach


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Continuation from past entries

He was sore all over from riding, his hands were cut up from his attempts to break off a piece of the star, and yet, the only pain he could feel was the tightening in his chest, the sting in his throat, the ache in his heart. Everything came crashing down on Derek's shoulders, and with a shuddering breath, Derek pressed his forehead against the star and shed a tear. His dream was out of reach.
The gargoyle circled down towards the star. Their master, wizard Kalmiro, had heard about the star from a servant boy, a kitchen lad. Lord Kalmiro had then ordered the gargoyle and a hundred others like it, to bring the star back. It was an easy enough mission, they simply had to grab hold of the star, lift it, and travel back south to the master's home. People might attempt to stop them, but he knew from past experiences that people tended to flee from a gargoyle's sharp talons and fierce teeth.