Day 1678: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: kicked down the road


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Continuation from past entries

And no one, not a single person, has been able to take a piece of this star with them. Not a pebble, not even a speck of dust. It is harder than anything anyone has ever seen before, and it must weigh more than the earth itself.” The guard shook his head, his mouth a thin line of sorrow. “Such a shame. Many people have come to try to harness the star's power, and yet,” The guard shrugged.
He turned away from Derek and walked back to his comrades. He kicked the can down the road… for now.
Derek looked towards the star. The surface of the star was bumpy, rough, and full of craters.
He imagined it would be a pretty ugly-looking rock if didn't have a beautiful eerie blue glow. Occasionally, a light blue flame would dance up and out from one of the craters before disappearing back inside.
An elderly lady approached the star slowly. She seemed scared of it, and reached out hesitantly to touch its surface.