The Legend Of Captain Black Arrow

Captain Black Arrow takes one last shot of liquor from his lucky flask while holding dearly to the railing on his ship. Black Arrow his name because of his notable hat with a unique black arrow which wasn't an item of decoration but indeed a genuine article.

He gulped and some of it spilled on his beard. Barely hanging on to hie dear life, hie flask fell into the ocean.

Good bye old friend he said under his breath.

It was Thursday and perhaps the God of thunder was angry. The current was high, the tides and waves weren't friendly. He wouldn't abandon his ship. Clara as he named it is the last memory of his late wife.



She was like a field of green on the country side with roses and lilies alike.

He could smell her that scent once again and it felt like she was calling out to him.

His crew had made it out of the ship. They all got on the life boat awaiting their captain. They cried out to him but he wouldn't budge.

The waves had been crashing and crashing in them. It was now or never. The next wave would engulf the ship. His crew had no choice but to detach from the ship.

And then they saw his face from afar more clearly at the stuck of lighting in thay twinkling of an eye.

He had a huge smile of his face. A smile of filament. They thought he was crazy.

The huge mountainous wave fell on the ship and there was trouble in the waters.

Suddenly it became quiet as though nothing had happened. The ship was no more and there was no trace of it. The sky became clear as day and the sun shone on them.

Before their eyes was the infamous lost island of gold. The crew had found wealth but their captain was no more.

They believed he was watching over them and the only way to save them was to let go.

Till to day, legends of the sea claim they see Captain Black Arrow's ship in the storm. And whenever it does, it was a sign of good fortune to come.