People should be able to work fairly and safely. Both society and work have issues. Workplace bullying and harassment are commonplace, even in Nigeria.
Bullying and harassment take many forms. These forms may harm both the individual and the organization's dignity. A person's essence gets wiped away, making them less human. Many variables are at work here. However, some of them appear to be part of Nigeria's structure and policies. People considered the country's indigenization program was important to its political progress. It's understandable that someone targeted by work bullying or harassment may not comprehend why. In reality, this happens for several reasons, including ethnicity, nepotism, and workplace dominance. The impact on the bullied or harassed can be devastating, resulting in decreased productivity, unfavorable ratings, and more.
Bullying and harassment can take various forms, and employers may not be aware that their workplace is full of bullying, harassment, and other types of discrimination. Sexual assault occurs often in Nigerian workplaces, and not just in certain industries. It affects many aspects of the economy. If a company is poorly handled, its employees will have no choice but to suffer and die in quiet. The safety of those who have been sexually assaulted or may be is in jeopardy.
We need policy solutions to keep the workplace calm. The Nigerian workplace must be safe for all. Bullying and harassment are constant.
Workplace harassment and bullying have long been a concern. It's still unclear what defines workplace bullying. Recent events have increased global awareness of workplace bullying. Workplace bullying has many names. According to newer study, the term "mobbing" was coined by the first researcher and then used to represent workplace bullying. Bullies at work act in ways that are harmful to them over time. Gender, age, and other demographics are vital to consider.
Race or religion may play a part in why some people are more prone to victimization or bullying than others. Having a job where your group is underrepresented might be risky. Workplace bullying in Nigeria can be prevented and dealt with by including all employees.

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Bullying and harassment can occur based on gender. Because gender-based workplace bullying can occur everywhere, identifying its origins and symptoms, as well as taking personal and organizational measures to prevent it, is advised. Senior personnel, team leaders, and persons in power over their subordinates are more prone to bully them. This includes a broad definition of bullying, a statement encouraging people to report bullying at work, and a typical pattern of behavior for employees that should be included in bullying regulations.
Overall, the Nigerian job market: Nigeria's federal government employs most. As a result, worker efficiency and effectiveness will be vital to the sector's success.
This unrecorded component is undeniably a huge hindrance in the Nigerian office. Bullying and harassment at work are both illegal. Workplace bullying and harassment has spread like a cankerworm across Nigerian workplaces, not just between superiors and subordinates, but also between supervisors and employees, employers and managers. It's a huge issue for managers, because it can destabilize an industrial organization's underlying network of ties. This has made progress and growth in the country more challenging. Bullying or harassment can cause physical or mental distress, leaving victims feeling humiliated, frustrated, or fearful. They may also be lonely, secluded, or subjected to more psychological indoctrination. Acts of commission and omission are utilized. They frequently have no idea why they were arrested and sent to a mental hospital for treatment.
Sexual harassment is a hot-button social problem in Nigeria. A worldwide phenomenon, it has penetrated practically every aspect of Nigerian life and business. It's prevalent among job applicants and those ready to be promoted. The same goes for school (ladies). The majority of victims are women. Sexism occurs when a higher-up in an organization uses sex as a condition to change a situation in their favor. In workplace sexual harassment charges, it's about humiliation, power plays, and bullying, not sex. It's a dreadful circumstance for the victim. People in many businesses have differing views on how important gender is when getting a grade, a promotion, hired, or hired. It can also be used as a kind of blackmail. The country's political changes and efforts to become more self-sufficient have increased bullying and harassment.
The issue of workplace bullying and harassment in Nigeria is complex. The country's political reforms have harmed every sector of the economy. Before thinking of themselves as Nigerians, they should first consider their ethnic countries. Africans are reputed to have a strong feeling of community.

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This issue may have arisen because of Nigeria's birth. Here's how it went: Colonialism made Nigeria's ethnic countries cooperate. When it came to Nigerian concerns, these partners were more concerned than their host country's ethnic groups. Because Nigeria has so many political parties, the way politics and politics engineering function has altered. Many Nigerians have felt this way for a long time. This is especially true for government employees. They can never be the same because they were bullied and harassed. Bullying and harassment can be harmful to both the bullied and their employers. This is hazardous for people's health. Something had changed. That makes it harder to be kind to persons of diverse ethnicities. As stated previously, this is a wonderful place to start for some forms of bullying and harassment.
Victim: The victim of bullying feels inferior or is the victim of long-term negative social behavior. Bullying isn't a fight between two persons of similar "strength."
Anger that isn't based on status This hatred is thus named because it doesn't care about the other person's status. It's deliberate, repeated, and strong enough to affect someone's health or job.
They also want to be in charge of someone else, frequently at the expense of legitimate business demands.
If two or more people have too much influence over another, they can harm their bodies and minds.
To understand "bullying," one must consider the perpetrator. Bullying isn't random. It's been planned. How should workplace bullying be defined to make it apparent that it is not accidental? The premise that bullies might argue they didn't mean to is still a good one. A fight isn't bullying if both sides have equal power. Einarsen Hoel, Zaph, and Cooper disagree.
Businesses in Nigeria are starting to feel better about themselves since their commercials now include a statement about diversity and inclusion. We demonstrate our commitment to equality in our hiring practices, workplace ethics, and culture.

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Employers should hire a diverse workforce to manage bullying and harassment using DEI, leading to increased sales, customer diversity, and profits. It promotes creativity and innovation. Businesses don't always do what they say.
Bullying and harassment persist in Nigeria, despite the country's religious and cultural diversity. Because of the country's political changes, implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion in Nigeria faces several challenges.
Many Nigerians are devoted to their ethnic or religious group, not to Nigeria.
Not dealing with bullying and harassment leads to brain drain, early career termination, low workplace morale, and retribution assaults from dissatisfied workers who may not have the money to fight back. Nigeria's capacity to compete in the fast-changing world of business depends on how well it protects workers' rights.
Many advocacy groups and current legislative battles have helped Nigeria use and manage its diversity. It is now vital for Nigeria to discuss equality, diversity, and inclusion. Workplace bullying in Nigeria is influenced by management philosophies, authority, and bureaucratic processes. Threat: To combat the threat, power structures in the workplace and society must be challenged and reprogrammed to ensure that all workers are equal. Workplace bullying in Nigeria is a serious problem that can only be tackled by the government given that there is so much unemployment. Businesses may defend themselves if they know what to look for and what to do in the event of a breach. Workplaces can also take steps to mitigate the consequences of these activities. Practitioners must look for fair and best practices while sticking to professional regulations.

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Bullying might be more difficult to control, as it has been the key and Genesis to corruption in Nigeria and across the world. The rich, elite and famous would surely override the poor, masses and non influence, nothing can be done about it.

Harassment and sexual abuse in the other hand should be seen to an end. As it is a wicked and selfish act, unfortunately it happens at every single segment of the world, from the universities, to companies and industries in Nigeria and across the world.


Indeed it is difficult but with effective legislation, actions and enforcement I'm positive it can be reduced.

It starts with creating awareness and evoking the thought in the minds of people as well.

Every sector in the country experiences this but it is not rampant in international organizations with strong HR.

It's a long way to go.


I understand your point very clearly, and I see the spotlight you’re creating.

It is possible to lay enforcement against it in Nigeria, but it has been visible that the low enforcers are actually the once breaking the lows they creat, they believe that they are above the law.

Did you hear of the issue that arose some years back amongst the senators, voting if aged men should marry you girls of ages below 15, however most of these men have many wives already.

A lot has to be done to clean Nigeria again, all these things are connected to each other one way or the other.