Current Market Price of AXS... An Opportunity , bear market or correction

I think this is an opportunity

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Should you be scared of the dip. Certainly not?

The price of $AXS may be about to collapse if it is unable to maintain its position above a critical level. The water is expected to reach a depth of 31 percent, according to some experts. ... Forgive my metaphor.

But ...

Axie Infinity's coin or stock price as I prefer is on the verge of plummeting by 31% as a result of the occurrence of the bearish chart pattern.

This year Axie Infinity has been one of the most consistent performers in the cryptocurrency market. Its a gem in the play to earn world and in the metaverse. Despite recent selling pressure in the cryptocurrency market, AXS has managed to hold on to nearly all of its extraordinary gains to this point. A more significant reversal, on the other hand, is possible.

Presently, according to coingecko AXS is at $93.13. There is a believe that the coming could go down to $65.

So what is the implication to traders and players of the axie world. Could it be a window to acquire more assets or buy the dip.

The bullish investors would consider this an opportunity. For long players in the crypto world, they know that this is a big window that may never be recovered. When a top performing coin dips, investors jump on the train. This is not a financial advice. This is for Diamond Hands ballers.

$AXS will show its resistance in the market in the coming days if it will fall as predicted or go up.

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Some players believe the axieverse is unsustainable, and this dip may be precisely what investors need to buy axie and buy into the game, as in-game assets are also declining.

What better time than now to take advantage of the opportunity in Axie Infinity?

Axie isn't the only Meterverse coin that has seen a drop in value. Dentraland's stock has been falling as well. Other meterverse coins, such as SAND. They're about to rise once more when the market comes out of the bearish market.

These are possibilities for those who were not among the first to invest in the wave. I must commed the resilience of the Axie community, If buying pressure continues, the coin may run its course back up to the top,