TLALOC an illustration born while looking at a fountain

good night artists from @sketchbook here finishing this Sunday with a new illustration and post, although I started the idea and the initial lines yesterday, it was today that I finished it and in this post I will comment a little about how it came about


Yesterday there was a small convention of anime, manga, video games etc in the city, I hadn't gone for a long time so without thinking about it much I went, I also participated in an illustration contest that I won by the way, but anyway regarding this character that today I bring you it was born while I was waiting for the event to open, in the place which is a gallery where different events are held outside at the entrance there is a fountain and while I was looking at it the idea was born


(Here is the direct link where I took this photo from)

I don't have a photo of the water fountain but in the photo that I give you of the place in the reflection of the window you can see hahaha something is something


That's how I did it there yesterday, I didn't have a name for it and I didn't know if I would finish it but I liked it and I chose to finish it today and I named it TLALOC, name of the rain god in the ancient Aztec civilization, well it was a lot explanation now I will show you a bit of the process





And here ends the post of the night and with this I'll retire until tomorrow from #hive I hope you like this character and how the idea was born, we'll see each other in another cooking, I wish you all a good week in advance