METATRON following the concept of neon genesis evangelion

good day and happy new year to everyone from @onchainart here starting the year with many ideas and today it's time to show one of them in this excellent community in #hive, starting a new series of illustrations where I will create different angels following the line and idea of ​​neon genesis evangelion and if you want to know how this idea was born then keep reading


yesterday accommodating some things in my closet I got a cd that I had forgotten, a cd that came in an anime magazine in Spain and where it contains different content and some very exclusive so it is a cd that is worth a few dollars hahaha finally I decided to review the cd to see if it still worked and if it works and while I was listening to some songs I remembered that this one has a version that was not known at the time by creuel angel thesis, I suppose it is already on the internet but at the time the only way to listen to it was on these cds and not only its design is brutal, but also its content and while I was listening to it, the idea that I bring you today was born and I will begin to create


And to start this, what better than the most powerful angel such as Metatron, the angel who has the name of a robot haha ​​but is the most powerful angel, for this I took the idea of ​​a whale because it is the largest existing or currently known animal and I wanted to integrate that if you realize it is like the bottom of a whale, anyway here I will leave you part of the creation process







And here ends this post for today, I hope you like it soon I'll be back with more of what I do here in #hive with another post, until the next time