DOLF (Deep of lying faith) the representation of empty modernity


hello colleagues from @onchainart, how have the ideas in mind already embodied in reality come out? I hope they turned out perfect as they wanted, here I am again leaving you with a very special illustration since it is part of a future project, I liked this illustration a lot not only because of how I managed to capture what I had in mind but also what it represents that next I will explain

DOLF, as the title says, is the representative of empty modernity, the meaningless modernity that is offended by everything and at the same time attacks everyone, the television and computer chaos that we see every day, flashy enemies who claim to fight for something and represent something and in the end they are empty ideas that you don't have to think much to realize

DOLF whose name comes from DEEP OF LYING FAITH but which in turn are the last four letters of the evil German dictator of the 30s, is a somewhat Lovecraftian being, a smiling avatar of hidden evil, which controls everything, mainly has the shape of mickey with different elements including the dictator's mustache and other elements a bit of horror, I have this illustration set aside for a future project

well as always here I leave you part of the process of creating this being



and here ends this special post today in this community, I hope you like it, happy night everyone and happy start to the week




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