Youtube Channel Discovery - Langfocus!

The last time I wrote about a channel I discovered, I believe I wrote about Houston Jones, the youtuber who gets his clicks and fame from hurting himself in WILD ways.

This time I have discovered a channel so cool, it is almost frustrating. Frustrating because I wish I could absorb all the information the channel provides like a sponge. But there's simply too much info that it's mind blowing.

The channel I discovered is called Langfocus and it is a channel all about languages from around the world and I love it!

Langfocus is one of those channels that I can only watch a little at a time because I kind of get information overload and I just almost can't handle it in a weird way. But that's honestly the best compliment I could give a channel! I could re-watch these videos a bunch of times.

I am really into the world, if that makes sense. I like geography, politics and news and just being aware. Even though who knows how aware one can be in this age of wild information coming from eighteen different sources.

Learning about other languages just makes me feel like I am learning about the world all over again, in a way. Language is like literally the most important thing other than like necessities like water and stuff. Learning info about languages feels like a time and culture portal.

I guess language is something I didn't take as seriously as I should have while growing up. My sister speaks Spanish and my mom's first language was Greek. My mom always said how important and valuable it would be to learn Latin, but I also always heard that almost nobody knows true Latin, or something like that.

My mom always said that Latin would help me learn a lot of different languages. But since nobody could teach it from what I was told, I secretly shrugged my shoulders and rolled my eyes at that notion.

Now, I come to learn something that is certainly obvious to hundreds of millions of people, that Latin is basically the father of Spanish, Italian, French and several other major languages. Like, these languages are pretty extremely connected and sort of just morphed from a single language due to geography and culture, or whatever.

Like, I always knew there was like a key connection between Latin and European languages, but like I never knew just how major the connection was. I was never told literally how it all worked.

Perhaps I was just not paying attention. I feel both dumb and excited, better late than never. This is the video where it all clicked for me. Don't judge my stupidity too harshly LOL.

Then I learned about Slavic languages. And Asian ones.

This channel is just amazing. I want to learn all the languages LOL.

Languages are like the closest thing to a genuine connection to like raw history real history. It is such a trippy thought. The way language travels the world and is copied, borrowed and straight up changed. Ugh, I can't express how cool all this info is.

I just wish I could download all of this info, and then download other languages into my brain LOL.

In America and especially the city I'm from, I hear plenty of languages. I went to a summer camp where there were campers from all over the world, many of whom spoke several languages. I'd love to be able to understand it all.

I don't know what else to say about this channel other than just 'it's so trippy dude!!'.

I think a lot of people should check out this channel!

I'd love to learn like four languages if somehow possible. I know they say it's hard as an adult, but that is a losing mindset! I think I could learn them all!

I want to learn German, Greek, Italian, and Spanish LOL. The first three because that's my family heritage or whatever, and Spanish because MANY people speak that in my area. Also I had a mini headstart as a kid at learning Spanish. Perhaps I could pick it up faster.

Language is changing all the time, every day.

Perhaps learning these languages is a tall task, but I believe in myself. Besides, people like this dude are definitely inspiring. I've watched a few of his vids, I may have to do a deeper dive on this guy!

Hell, I've only done a mild dive into Langfocus, there's so much to learn!