The Inheritance Cycle - to some, more commonly known as the 'Eragon' Series, is getting a show on Disney+!!!


The Inheritance Cycle. Man, such amazing memories. This series got me through a lot of difficult times as a kid. Books were my ultimate escape. I got totally lost in books. Reality was too lame and frankly, just kind of depressing. I read so much that it literally impacted my grades, in a bad way.

But yeah, anyway. I absolutely love this series. This series is absolutely on par with Harry Potter and Cirque Du Freak for me, my two other favorite book series.


These books are just rich with beautiful details. My first series that had those sort of fairytale, medieval, Lord of the Rings types of vibes. When I read these books I feel like I am really transported somewhere else. Just amazing. Harry Potter is obviously quite close to those vibes, but with Eragon, it's just different.

In a recent blog, I expressed my urgency to want to read my books more. The very next morning, as I zombied my way on Instagram like the social media zombie I have become, BANG! I see this BEAUTIFUL Instagram post by one of the GOATS Christopher Paolini.


Christopher began writing Eragon at the ridiculously young age of 15. What an inspiration man. As a kid this impressed me so damn much. I still look up to the guy. Now, I see Christopher is only 38. Not insanely older than myself... Talk about a kick in the butt man. I need to get writing. I'm kinda on the verge of a quarter-life crisis thinking about it LOL.

But anyway, what amazing news!! A freaking SERIES????? Yo. I am just speechless. I hope Disney doesn't screw it up, I hope Christopher is truly going to take an active part in the development of this series, as he said he will in the post. I haven't been particularly fond of Disney+ and their wokeness as of late.

But honestly, whatever. Disney does do a good job at times, and I imagine the budget will be more than solid and the graphics will be hopefully on point.

If I see a feather on the dragons I swear I might spazz..... LOL.

I don't even know how to express my excitement. They can take their time, and put in the real details of this long, amazing series.

I haven't watched TV in ages, it's great to be pumped about this series, and have a show to look forward to!

The Inheritance Cycle has huge potential. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings Potential.

I'm just so happy this is happening, man.

I can't wait to see this world come to life on screen. This map was amazing to me as a kid. I mean, as an adult my feelings are the same. These books are timeless.

Eragon. This will always hold a special place in my heart. Where it all started.

Eldest, just amazing work. Might be my favorite of the series? This book was a BIG step up for Christopher from Eragon, his debut, he really wrote his butt off.

Brisingr. Gritty, intense.

Inheritance. My goodness. Just spectacular. I highly enjoyed this one. A tremendous finale. I remember waiting years for this book, felt like forever back then...

I remember watching this on my PSP!!!! I was OBSESSED. So trippy watching this 11 years later. Wow. Crazy I found it. So cool that Christopher is a younger author and was sort of aware of and even seemed to enjoy social media.

I balled my eyes out by myself in my bedroom as I read the final pages. Just wow.

I'm forever grateful to my mother for going out and purchasing this for me the day it was released. Thanks to her, my copy is a first edition!!!! Special.


I always thought it was cool that the series is four books. Solid number.

I don't even know what to say. My excitement is just off the charts. I need to nerd out and get some more details of the series and just EVERYTHING. I need to go down the rabbit hole....

There shall be many more posts to come in the future!

But yeah. I am just pumped!!! Football season coming, this news. Not bad.

I need to re-read these books ASAP! After two other books I need to read.

I also MUST MUST MUST get my hands on a copy of his little short story compilation that takes place in Alagaesia. I should have had it by now LOL. It's not like a true continuation, but yeah. My collection feels a tad incomplete. This seems like a fun read!!!!

I don't even want to bring up the Eragon movie from years ago. It wasn't god awful, but to the book lovers it just didn't hit right. Just didn't vibe fully.

I am just so happy, this series deserves to be loved by many more millions than it already is.

LET'S GO!!!!

Anyone else ever read these books?

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This is one of my favorite series of all time! Super awesome.

You read Brandon Sanderson way of kings yet??



Wow man that's epic you love the series too!!! No I haven't but I shall check that out, I love book suggestions! :D Never enough good books!


sanderson is the best. He finished the wheel of time series then did his own. His own is epic.


Oh man I missed your reply! I will have to give him a shot I love the suggestion man!!!