Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) review


This movie was pretty bad. Luckily I like Spiderman and the whole superhero concept he brings to the table, but man this was just not very good.

There is a good chance I might be biased since I loved the Tobey Maguire Spiderman, but wow I don't know how people keep fumbling one of the best superheroes.

There was absolutely zero type of origin story, was it in like another film I'm unaware of? The kid just had his spider powers from the jump, and I find that pretty retarded.

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino was in it, so that's pretty cool.

The suit being 'smart' is so bad to me. He's basically just a ninja with a smart suit. Not much of a difference between that and Iron Man. Spiderman should be on par or greater than Iron Man. Now, before some comic book people jump down my throat on that concept just hear me out. I realize that the majority of the time, if not nearly all the time, Peter Parker is a kid in high school. I also realize that in this movie he is a sophomore in high school. Honestly, I don't care. This take on Spiderman being bossed around and generally being a wuss, sucks to me. It's just bad.

The whole 'wokenesse' lines and stuff in this movie, just bad.

Every character in this movie is constantly sarcastic and like big jokesters, this movie was so loosey goosey and just never intense or serious on any type of level, just bad.

Spiderman has the coolest powers, and he's just a fan favorite. He should be a boss in my eyes, not being pushed around.

Ugh, so unimpressed.

I'm honestly genuinely sorry if people disagree especially the OG comic book folks, but I just saw the movies. I think Spiderman is awesome and strong, not this wussy pushover.

I wanted to turn this movie off several times.

Some of the action sequences were nice I guess. I do enjoy watching Spiderman running around doing his thing and fighting bad guys, there is nothing cooler than a cool Spiderman action scene in my opinion. Just his web and his own body. No traditional weapons, no giant suits (although they pretty much just shit on that concept mostly) just his webs, ninja skills and fighting skills.

Maybe I'm asking the film makers to differ from comic books, and maybe that pisses off comic book lovers or whatnot. I don't truly care that much, it wouldn't be the first time film makers made some executive decisions. I've read enough regular books that turned into movies where they just shit on the actual book's concepts and stories.

The ending was ok, but man this movie just sucked.

I feel like they took more boring character's movies more serious than how they treated SPIDERMAN. Maybe I don't actually like Spiderman, who knows man.

I'm just gonna stop there, I have zero expectations for the sequel, that will probably suck too.

What is this Marvel universe doing? Movie 5/10.