New YouTube Channel Discovery! - Houston Jones


I've been watching YouTube for awhile now, and I have definitely seen it change over the years, mostly in a negative way. Censorship has really limited creators over there.

But today I was surfing around over there, and I somehow found a pretty hilarious and entertaining YouTuber who goes by the name Houston Jones.

I just discovered him today and so I am not like an expert on all of his content, but as far as I can tell he just plays a silly macho type of character and he just does hilarious, surprisingly wild stunts.

Many of his stunts are intense and involve hurting or harming himself in various ways but I mean, hell he's willing to do it and it's usually pretty controlled stunts and just silly.

The vibes are so early YouTube and frankly it surprises me that YouTube even allows it on their site with how insane YouTube has gotten over the past like, decade.

I was planning on watching a movie and writing about it, but I have gotten SUPER distracted by this channel. It's pretty rare that I find a fresh new channel with cool content like this.

I figured it would be cool to share this channel and maybe someone out there can be entertained like I am and have some laughs.

I'm about to give this video a watch. I had scooters growing up and always HATED getting smashed on the shins by them. This should be interesting LOL.

I JUST watched this one. It inspired me to make a post about Houston. Nuts!

He even got UFC star Luke Rockhold to be in a video LOL. Crazy!

What do you think of Houston? Hopefully someone out there enjoys LOL.