Harry Potter 2005 Movie Art Card - UK Version - Hungarian Horntail Chases Harry in Goblet of Fire!

I collect sports cards and I love the hobby a lot. I also love the entire Harry Potter franchise as a whole. The books and the movies are just amazing. Harry Potter is simply a massive part of my childhood and I still love everything HP to this day.

I was aware of Star Wars cards, but I never really thought much of the movie card industry as a whole until the past few years. This Trading Card Community also has helped me consider movie cards more and more thanks to several awesome posts.

Combine all of that with my recent discovery of the Potter Collector channel on YouTube, eventually I found myself browsing Harry Potter cards on comc.com. There's a lot of types of HP cards to choose from. Movie art cards, Harry Potter cards from HP card games, all from different movies, and some from different countries etc. I was just looking for the coolest looking cards at fair prices.

I found this SWEET looking card from one of my favorite scenes in Harry Potter, from Goblet of Fire! (All the scenes are my favorite scenes LOL.) The card is a seriously impressive work of art. It's styled as though it's really hand painted! The border around the image is risen with a distinct border from the actual image itself. You can easily feel this with your fingertips. The image has a canvassy, grid-like look and feel to it.

It looks even better in person. Holding this feels like I'm holding a piece of the Harry Potter universe!

It's from the UK. From 2005! This card was made and released before the world knew how Harry's story ended! Pretty trippy.

Here's that iconic scene that this card is depicting! Harry's First Task in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

As I get older my appreciation for Harry Potter only grows. What a special time to be alive when there was a new HP book and/or movie being made nearly every year. Plus video games. I feel really lucky to be a child throughout that time period.

Nowadays I can re-experience them all with my son, and simply re-watch them a million more times on my own! When I re-read Goblet of Fire I'll have to pull this card out when I get to this part of the book.

I still haven't seen the new Fantastic Beasts yet!! Perhaps when I get paid again.

I actually bought another Harry Potter card that I'm going to post around Christmas time! I think my Harry Potter card collection is gonna end up being pretty massive eventually LOL. I love this card!

Videos like these really got me into wanting to start my own collection!

Anyone have thoughts on this card or movie cards in general?

Keep on sharing!