Halloween (2018) review


Man, this movie was pretty great! Much better than the 2007-2009 pair. I am PUMPED to see the new one on Thursday.


Of course the movie started out with the super annoying, everybody thinks Laurie is being crazy and everything. Gosh there's nothing worse than that I swear. Like this woman went through hell and people still doubt her, unbelievable man. Her own family!

The whole movie was good man. It was scary, and kind of filled with borderline action movie vibes.

Early on I knew this movie was not playing games when he was just murdering that kid and then just swiftly murdering people in the neighborhood, that was a cool sequence. I guess I shouldn't be surprised he was murdering people, but you'll have to watch it to see what I mean.

Although I was pretty relieved he didn't kill the baby in one particular scene. That was stressful LOL.

What else is cool about this movie is that the potential victims are FINALLY fighting back a bit! Not being super scared anymore.

I also loved hearing the classic Michael Myers theme music again which I don't believe was in the 2009 film. I also just learned that Kobe Bryant would listen to that song to get in the zone before games, what a freaking SAVAGE.

Another thing that annoyed me was how emotional Laurie's daughter was when she had to face Michael. It annoyed me because she apparently resented her childhood because her mom trained her to shoot and fight and survive. Even when her mom was essentially proven right she was still bitching!! The daughter eventually got her shit together in the end which was good, but man that was infuriating.

Those women better apologize to Laurie LOL.

Man when they were hunting Michael it was so good, they even confused him and entrapped him and 'killed' him even though this mofo will never die!

This was overall a nice traditional solid Michael Myers film with a satisfying twist in the fact that they were trying to actively kill him for once.

This was far and away better than the last 2009 film and I am just too hype for Thursday!!

Here is the trailer for it!

MAN this looks so good!!!!!!

what did you think of the 2018 film? Do you plan on seeing the new movie?