Breaking Bad, well the second word is right anyway......


I'm beginning to realize why I stopped watching TV shows in the first place.

Breaking Bad is starting to like, suck at this point.

Like, it doesn't suck that bad, and I've gotten this far so I will finish the series but man, it's just not hitting anymore.

I can't even begin to tell you what's really happening but at the same time nothing is happening, the show is starting to feel like endless and pointless.

Just cliffhangers.

Walt and Jesse just like being forced to make meth but like get paid a lot? They might die at any minute I suppose?

Walt and Jesse getting pushed around, bullied, threatened.

All the while Walt is being treated like a bitch by his bitch of a wife?

Seriously I'm starting to think Skyler White is the most insufferable character I've ever watched. Genuinely crossing my fingers that she dies. Walt should do it too. Why she thinks she should be involving herself in this meth shit is unbelievable. Walt even entertaining her, is unbelievable.

Jesse is just getting high and being depressed.

The in laws are like struggling.

This show is getting annoying and pointless.

Nearly every main character knows he cooks. Walt's cancer is not an immediate threat.

This show is lost.

While I may continue for now, if this doesn't start picking up soon, I might bail on this show.

Let's just hope Skyler gets murdered. Such a horrible character.

Also, are Walt and Jesse ever gonna grow a pair or something and like make a plot to stop being manhandled at pretty much every step of this show? I know it's supposed to be like super edgy and realistic or whatever but man they're starting to be some pussies in my opinion. Isn't Walt like a super smart dude?

I had higher expectations for a show that was so hyped.

The bad guys aren't even intimidating really.

Yeah idk all I know is this is why I'm a YouTube watcher now.

Hopefully this improves, ugh.