My life has become a series of unfortunate events and I am simply so tired of struggling. It's simply time to act.

Everyone is a critic, and everyone has an opinion, it's time to believe in myself and myself only. I don't care what others think is possible or what others think, period. I know what is possible, I know what I need.

Nobody cares, work harder. There's twenty four hours in a day. I'd rather suffer in my own house, grinding, than to have another manager order me around, I'm gonna be honest.

It's time to take what I want and go after it. This is my one and only life on earth, no more dilly dallying, no more begging. Life is about doing.

Cutting out most pleasures, most bullshit. Gonna take control of my life.

I can be there for my son the whole time while I am at it. That's more valuable than anything.

Everyone has a perception, an idea of what is good or doable or smart. It's time to be me, be an example.

I'm gonna change my own life, with help from the great community on Hive of course!

Any person here and using Hive, is my kind of person. I've been foolishly ignoring this opportunity, time to really do this.

Hive on folks.