Making a decision about who I want to be, just grinding. Surviving. Being grateful. Ideas flowing, mind racing.

Hive is so amazing.

Made some posts today, I should have hustled as soon as I woke up, but I am making it work. So glad for any support I get here.

I have plans to write about the NFL, books, movies, actifit, life, UFC.

Like Daniel Cormier says about fighting, I can't stop and 'take pictures' gotta just keep it moving.

Hive shows how much time is valuable. That's a newer aspect my slow brain is starting to grasp. Time is really the ultimate currency at the end of the day. Worth more than Hive, even.

I have ramen, a shelter, water and my mind, and this laptop. I can do this.

I've been putting this cheese sauce in my ramen, tastes amazing honestly. More calories the better.

I am such a douche at times, I just wanna be a better person at the end of the day. But lead by example.

Random thoughts on this 'journal' post. Massive sign I am tired HA.

I am gonna wake up with a fresh brain and more writing energy.

Probably going to have some wicked dreams, thats for sure. Been having a lot of those. Mostly about travel. Travelling in my dreams has been very common the past few years.

Damn, I just googled what 'travel' dreams may mean, and it's actually a good thing. Pretty sweet. I could use some good news for sure.

Really missing my boy. Hive on folks.