It's the unofficial start of fall, kind of.

September is definitely one of my favorite months. The end of the heat, with the birth of the cold.

I'll be 26.5 years old this month. Yikes. With life revolving around numbers much of the time, 26.5 is not exactly young in my opinion. Quarter life crisis intensifies..

Anyway, with September here my area is already seeing some interesting weather, we are currently getting hit steadily with the remnants of a hurricane I believe. Obviously it's no longer a hurricane, but there's still plenty of rain to go around.

Days like this my body is super confused. I could really sleep for days at this point. But the extra sleep did give me energy, so I figure I'd to a ramble post right quick.

I woke up in an odd mood. I had a profound dream, but I can't really remember anything whatsoever, I just know it was profound. I don't think it was scary or angry or sad or even happy just odd.

I can't even put my finger on the mood it left me in, just weirdly disappointed/offended? Disappointed/offended at what I couldn't tell you. I guess myself for not remembering.

But still that goes to show, that this is probably exactly why dreams are so intriguing to people of all culture across the planet.

To be put in a genuine mood after having 'fake' visions your brain created I mean, it's wild.

I know everyone has been there. In the bathroom after some good sleep. Just staring at the wall or in the mirror as you take a morning piss. Just deeply confused for no reason.

Dreams are wild man.

Anyway it's currently pouring now. I like the vibes it creates. I should watch Harry Potter or some scary movie maybe.

But I think I will game.

Grateful I have shelter. Grateful I have my son, and my family and life. Thanks to God.

Hive on folks.