Another day in the life. It's a good day though.

These are really the best of times though. My son is here and is gonna be here for a couple of days. We are just hanging out and I really couldn't ask for anything better. Being with him is always the best. I'm glad, grateful and lucky I get to raise him and watch him grow.

It's just a solid say and I'm lucky I'm alive.

I've been listening to a mix of throwbacks and even a smidge of country. Yes, I said country music lol. I don't like all country. But I do tolerate more than I used to. I suggest trying out Morgan Wallen, if you're ever feeling country, but are weird about giving it a shot. Just dabbling though, it's a nice difference from what I normally listen to.

Today is special for another big reason of course.

Tonight marks the birth of a new NFL season!!! Bucs and Cowboys. The defending champs, the Bugs, and the GOAT Tom Brady face off vs the Cowboys, the team with the biggest fan base in America, and arguably the world across all sports.

Man this is so exciting. Bucs might blow out the Cowboys but I hope it's a good game, I know every team wants to beat the champs.

I can't wait, and then Sunday is right around the corner.... LET'S GO