Work has gotten only more meh, but I am focused on blogging and making other changes. Having my son over makes me that much more focused and ready for life. Big day ahead of me tomorrow. Updated my resume and everything.

I am so glad my ex and I are cool as we are. She threw some money my way and I can't thank her enough. My boy and I got Beast Burger and I bought a few groceries to hold me over. Beast Burger is simply a fun tradition for my boy and I we just sort of started one day. We also watched Mr. Beast videos and stuff like that. Wish these days would just last forever.

I tried to mention to her about the 20 percent APR, but I don't really know how much she cares honestly. No biggie.

I wish I grinded harder on Hive, but I am very much proud of my last two Titans posts. I think they are both of pretty solid quality. I have invested a bit more Hive into SBI or HBI shares or whatever. Gotta try to make that money man. I have been here long enough, contributed a fair amount of decent content as a whole. I believe it's ok for me to like, take that action.

I think I'm gaining weight again, slowly. My pants haven't been falling quite as much HA.

I know the Phillies have been doing pretty well lately. Sucks I am not watching as much as I want, but man there's only so much I can keep up with. Life is so busy. I felt so sleepy after eating that Beast Burger.

My newer phone is so wack, I'm going to be using my old phone again I believe. Old reliable. I wish I could find another Kyocera. I am actually glad that I'm using it again. SOOOOO damn reliable, for the most part HA.

Right now the plan is just to wash some clothes eat some food, wash up my body, get some rest.

This podcast has come so clutch lately. Such great stuff. Hive on folks.