I had such an unexpectedly eventful week, that my whole routine was a bit thrown off, but I'm glad to be back to my typical tasks. The week ended with me drinking a lot of beers and getting surprisingly drunk. I needed to get drunk though. It got me out of myself, and just in a different sort of mind state in a good way honestly.

Speaking with my oldest and best friend went really well. She is a lesbian but also a republican which is perhaps wild to some people. We spoke about a lot of topics, I even brought up my re-connection with my faith and while she was somewhat personally not all for it since like, the Bible is not really pro gay she seemed pretty glad that I am into it and agreed that having faith is probably good for me. It is so cool that she is like, pretty much supporting me with it even though of course her support wasn't really needed. It felt good she was happy for me. I spoke about why I decided to kind of take this route and she was kind of intrigued. She said she wouldn't like jump into a church but she said perhaps down the line she wouldn't be against it which surprised me.

Her and I don't have many deep convos so it's pretty cool to talk to her about these kinds of things. She also mentioned that one of her friends is a pretty consistent church goer and that she would mention about me like, going to that one.

What a beast (in a good way) of a friend man. I'll just leave it at that.

Tonight I am gonna pretty much just game and continue to grind on here. It feels good to play a simple game and just have harmless fun. I want to write about the Titans soon, their social media content has been flowing more and more and this 2022 season has got me intrigued. I'll leave my thoughts for the post but, man I need football sooooooo bad. First pre-season game is this Thursday!!

My ex still is giving me excuses as to why my son isn't here, but yeah that blows majorly. I just want to hug him and be there for him. It's rough.

But yeah that's pretty much it.

I'm LOVING this new podcast man. Every single episode I relate to so well. Both dudes are from my area and its so cool to hear like references to locations I know and stuff like that.