In 2012-2013 there was a female friend of mine I met from work, and we became friends really quickly. Eventually she slept over one night. I had my bed and a futon like, positioned at the foot of it. That futon is where she slept. One sleepover, turned into literally two months straight. She basically lived with me. Everyone and anyone that knew us thought we were like doing 'stuff' or we were in a relationship. But no. Literally nothing. We just hung out and smoked lots of mary. It was great having her over. I really enjoyed the company. I started to like her more than a friend, but I could never tell if the feeling was mutual, and I was scared that if I brought that up she'd reject me or runaway, or something. I really think I loved that girl. Sometimes I still miss her, we were very close.

Eventually another woman entered my life. Man, I am so dumb. I chose this other girl because well I liked her a little and she seemed much more obviously into me. I was friends with her too, but not nearly as much as this sleepover girl HA.

Eventually I dated this 'new' girl and sleepover girl seemed pretty devastated. I was so confused and conflicted man. I remember being at a party and one of my guy friends told me how this 'sleepover' girl seemed seriously sad about me seeing this other woman.

I dated the new girl for six years, the sleepover girl found someone new, had a kid. I saw this girl at Sheetz last year, tried to say hi, she acted like she didn't know me. So looked at me like a loser, lol.

Now, in less than a week a girl that I think liked me already hates me.

Holy shit man hahahaha. Wow. In ten years, I'm still that same dumbass when it comes to women lol.

I'm destined for the loner life. I have my son though, maybe I will buy a dog soon. I have always wanted a bulldog. Maybe I'll buy several dogs hahahahaha. Damn.

Looking for a new job. Gonna drink some beers. Watch a movie. One day of work, then off again. I might get fired from this job anyway. Damn. Indeed sent me a bunch of opportunities, maybe I will get lucky.

Holy shit. Just gonna drink some beers man. This will all be a some forgotten story in my past soon. Maybe I will game too.

Fuck. What a week. Hive on folks.