I had a really good solid day. Work was awesome, people really liked my effort and how quickly I caught on. Man, it feels good to have a solid job. I have a good feeling about this place, but my mindset is just bringing the same effort everyday, focus on the moment, the task at hand. It feels good to feel good about work for once. Getting paid a fairer wage is a good feeling too. I am just mentally in a great place if I'm being honest. Ready to make this job work.

Working at this place reminds me of my younger working days, even the size and lighting and everything. Just getting to work has been such an improvement. I'm walking less gaining weight slowly. My energy at work is therefore pretty good since I was so used to walking so much.

People have been quitting a lot at, hopefully I can bring some stability. Hopefully it means me getting more hours LOL.

One annoying thing just had to happen though, of course. I was charged nearly eleven bucks by PlayStation due to an auto payment.......BRUH. I'm gonna try to get some of my money back tomorrow. What a joke. I'm usually good with these types of things. It's not a lot, but dang, it kinda is. I guess it's just God's way of keeping me humble.

Another thing that motivates me other than like the big stuff like my son, and improving our life, is collecting more movies.

I think I gotta bring a book tomorrow. Start reading again. On break maybe.

This is gonna be the last hard month for me. Hive on folks.