I made the best decision for me and I am glad I chose what I chose. Things are already lining up, better opportunities coming. Thank God. I am more than ready to give it my all where ever this next gig takes me.

I've got some bus fare, some money, I can make money here. Life could be worse man. I have been in enough workplaces, if I can handle my last spot, and some other crap situations, I can make it through anything else. I believe I'm ready to just work and save my money.

My friend even mentioned working back at a food place will pretty much instantly solve some of my food issues. Which I mean, she isn't lying.

Two opportunities in just a matter of a few days. I'm gonna show up clean and presentable and all that good stuff.

I never felt better in a way. I have memories to make with my son, books to read, other hobbies. Football season coming up. Soon it won't be ridiculously hot out anymore.

I don't know, but my life and future seems crystal clear. Make money, save it. Save save save. Invest wisely. Work.

I feel so old sometimes like I'm all washed up already. I have so much fun to have and everything man. I am gonna continue to be a great dad and just live the best life I can.

Feeling GOOD weird. Gonna catch some sleep, and then tackle the day.