8/25/21 - Tony Hawk is trippin man.


Spoke with my son before school. I am there for him always, but sometimes I don't know if it's good enough.He deserves so much more. This is why I'm grinding to become my own boss someday.

Someday very soon.

Living on my own is motivating me in total new ways that I never really saw coming. The power to change my life into the life I want is in my hands. I'm now a grown man, and thanks to America I'm a free man. Despite some shady bullshit going on in America lately....

I am in a unique period of my life and I must make the most of it.

Feels good man. But I gotta keep taking action.

Tony Hawk doing some demonic weird shit?

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk is apparently putting some of his blood into paint, which is then to be painted on skateboards, which are to be sold?

Because that's supposed to be cool? Who the hell told him that....?

I mean I'm a guy who for sure enjoys conspiracies and there's obviously many juicy conspiracy possibilities to theorize or fantasize about.

But really. Do you need to be into conspiracies to find this disturbing as hell?

I mean like WHY.

Selling your soul? Some kinda weird ritual?

If you're not into conspiracies I get it sounds silly....

But sometimes it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to discover some evil or weird stuff. Sometimes the shady crap is displayed right in front of your face. There's no need to keep it a secret when you just normalize weird shit by posting this to the masses.

Similar to how Bitcoin is right in front of everyone's face, but some people still don't see.

Bottom line is, I lost a lot of respect for Tony Hawk man.

Conspiracy or not I just find this utterly strange and disturbing.

Not everything should be acceptable as art or edgy man. Some shit is just weird.

The video is on his Instagram. I'm not gonna post a link to that demonic shit, you can find it yourself.

I guess Tony had enough of being irrelevant the past 15-20 years. Anything to get in the spotlight.

I suppose in a way he's getting publicity, yada yada yada....

Whatever though, you won't catch me buying crap from him.

Not right man.