Today was simple, but great!! Woke up and chilled for a sec, then just got the day started.

A few weeks ago or so, my son lost his wiffle ball bat at the park, so I bought him another, cheaper wiffle ball bat from my job. He was pumped, him getting pumped gets me pumped LOL.

We took the hot, twenty minute walk to the park, and just had a blast. Nothing crazy. But there is a solid baseball field at this park, and some basketball courts.

I need to play basketball over there just need a ball. I used to play after school ALL the time.

Anyway, this baseball field is solid, and he had fun taking cuts, throwing the ball around, and running the bases, and everywhere else quite frankly.

We also did the typical park things, jungle gyms, swings. We met a kid there, and he played ball with us. We even played tag.

Just a really good day. Then we got home, and I made dinner.

We live in a small city, so there are fireworks EVERYWHERE. We might even hear some now as late as it is. Initially I felt bad I didn't take him to a firework show. But in this city everywhere is a firework show. As night approached I had him look out windows and step out in the backyard looking for some.

On a whim, I said lets head outside the front, and look up and down the street and just see what we can find. Our neighbors quite close by were having a decent little show!!! Too lucky.

I don't know how legal all these fireworks are, but I do know Pennsylvania is pretty lenient and the state itself produces lots of fireworks in general.

The neighbor was even nice enough to hand my son a sweet looking sparkler!! As you can tell he was SO happy. Instantly this is one of my fav pictures of him.


Now we are in for the night, laying down, watching a movie.

A SWEET, simple 4th of July. 'MERICA BABY!!!

I really do love this country. My mom made it very clear how unique and special this place was at a very young age. I've traveled, met lots of foreigners in my short life and I for sure wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

What a beautiful flag.