Youtube has been low-key suggesting violin, classical music? Do I sound dumb? LOL. But yeah. I actually love it. Makes me want to learn the violin. If I can learn an instrument, learn a language, write a book, I'd feel like an actual beast man. LOL. But really, what a fulfilling life that'd be. Just to like embrace life, and live it. Travel the world, eat food. Have some more kids. I don't know man.

But yeah, listening to this music feels like a whole story. Like, truly. No lyrics to speak of, the music speaks, man. It's not even just a story, feels like a journey or an adventure. It's pretty profound.

Funny enough, as a kid in third grade we were forced to do keyboard all year, and if I'm being honest I absolutely loved it. I was pretty solid at it. I learned whole songs.

I used to tap my fingers, just like practicing. I remember my tapping fingers driving my mom's friend nuts. She grabbed my fingers one day, kind of jokingly, kind of serious.

I remember when third grade ended, I actually felt sad that I wasn't going to have anymore keyboard classes.

Almost learned spanish as a kid, almost properly learned the piano. I kind of did learn the piano, just a keyboard I guess.

I should just buy a damn keyboard. Once I have the money. I act like this is an impossible hobby to take up. Dang, I think I'll do it.

Yeah man. I am exhausted. Hive on folks.