The thought of doing a podcast would be pretty dope, maybe. But it's sort of weird and difficult to just start a podcast as some random shmo. Plus, I can only imagine the crippling anxiety that would most definitely come as a result of trying one.

I write here, I can talk, like a lot at times. Sometimes I feel like, just screw my anxiety. I tried making Titans videos, and they were fun, but I mostly felt kinda foolish. I remember getting one negative comment and getting pretty irritated by it LOL.

But, meh. I will stick to writing. I like writing way more anyway. The thought of writing an epic book one day definitely outweighs the thought of me doing a podcast. The idea of like having an awesome podcast just sounds like it'd be fun sometimes I guess.

Anyway, work was ok. I'm getting along with my new co worker pretty well. She seems to have a lot of pretty bad anxiety, and even cried at one point today. I didn't know how to handle it just said like basic comforting words and just kind of let her calm down. She literally talked about suicide and stuff. Like, I don't know man.

Men and women relations in today's society feels weird at times, especially in a workplace. I just gotta focus on myself for now as selfish as that sounds. I got my own problems to worry about, honestly.

I have some money being pulled out of HBD. Literally helping me pay rent.

Thanks so much to everyone that upvotes me. I am so grateful. I feel weird tagging people, and like being up everyone's butt on posts, but man I am so lucky to get any upvote for just basically rambling about life in a very chaotic fashion.

Blah. I need sleep, BAD.

I haven't gotten proper sleep in awhile, like straight up. I just get naps.

Need sleeeeeep. Hive on folks.