Work went well, did my best. I was maybe a tad rusty considering I was off for several days, but I eventually got into a groove. Today I should have zero rust. Not that it matters, the job is pretty simple LOL.

I was thinking, insteading of doing, like usual. But still, I was thinking I SERIOUSLY need to start reading again!!!! It's a part of me I abandoned. I miss it a lot, and the books are around me right now as I type this. I think it would not only help relax my mind in numerous ways. I was a book JUNKIE. I didn't do drugs (hard ones anyway) but I was a book junkie.

Also, with all of the writing I've done, I think reading would compliment it. I have been grinding, and now I think diving back into reading could help me even more. I seriously do want to write a fiction book one day. Hopefully a series.

But yeah, I am officially pretty confident I will have rent. The only matter now is, making sure I can actually eat HA. I will make it, I am whining. I think I am gonna have to stop being a baby and finally try tuna..... It's protein and calories hahaha I sound so ungrateful, probably because I am sometimes.

Things may be pretty bad at times, but it's never as bad as it seems.

I also have an outdated frozen food item, might have to give it a shot if I must. Maybe. Let's take this a day at a time LOL.

Yeah. Life is a bitch. But I'm grinding through it.

My jeans aren't even fitting anymore properly..... I think it's a combo of losing weight and wearing those jeans too much.

But yeah. I did make a pretty solid sports post earlier. Pretty proud of it. I'm SOOOOO hype for the football season.

I may struggle at times, but I am making it and becoming smarter and more motivated. Now it's time for sleep. Hive on folks.