I have become so removed from the prospect of Hive rising in price, that I forget how fun the prospect of a Hive spike could be and is whenever it does happen. HBD has risen a lot and is still high, while Hive has risen a bit as well.

I am just used to grinding and creating at this point that, Hive rising in price pretty much fell off of my radar.

This attitude hasn't developed because of my lack of belief in Hive. My opinion on Hive being like the best thing since sliced bread has not changed. Hive's potential is out of this world. Those who say otherwise, I just don't really understand. I believe it is fear or something.

Hive is not perfect, but waiting for the perfect thing, is a foolish way of looking at things. Waiting for the perfect thing, will leave you waiting forever unfortunately.

What invention in this world has ever been flawless, perfect?

Hive is what life is really. Work at it, and see returns and growth.

I don't know, I've rambled about Hive so many times.

I hope this is a decent spike that lasts. Maybe a big boy spkie will happen, but I really am just not getting my hopes up.

Otherwise spent the day mostly procrastinating. I did make a post and have several more coming. I have ideas for days, I just gotta stop messing around.

I trolled a few people online, sometimes I go a little far, but I do stop myself. I even apologize sometimes and say I'm trolling. It's usually an understanding thing. Meh.

I do like that aspect of online play though. I get paranoid I'll get reported or something, but otherwise as long as I'm not being truly like evil and messed up, some strong words and competitive talk is pretty harmless fun.

But yeah. Right now I am just listening to a podcast I like a lot, just discovered it.

Shane Gillis and his friend's podcast. I've been watching Shane clips online, and I'm glad I finally found his podcast.

I've been like unsubbing from a lot of creators and things like that lately, it's nice to find a comedian/podcaster I enjoy like this. He's from PA like me, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

A lot of places in the country have like, an identity based on their geography. Whether that's good or bad, unhealthy or healthy psychologically speaking, I really don't know.

Texas and the south sorta have their thing. California and the nutjobs out there have a thing. New England and the midwest have a vibe.

Pennsylvania is sorta literally stuck in the middle of several distinct sections of the country. It has some New York/New England vibes. Ohio is next door, so PA has some midwest vibes. Virginia, and Delaware are more 'southern' types of states and they are down south to PA.

PA seems forgotten at times, but I like my state really. I don't know. LOL.

Anyway, I'm tired, here's what I'm listening too. Hive on folks.