I've been kind of in a fog today sice I didn't get all that much sleep, but I'm about to crash now so it's all good.

I spent the day just hanging with my son and man, it felt good. We played video games and I showed him some classic movies.

There has been a bit of fantastic news though, my laptop seems to be functioning like normal again! It was crashing at an alarming rate to the point where I would simply connect to the internet and like, it would just freeze and turn blue and crap like that. Last night I decided to randomly delete aloooooot of programs that I didn't use. This laptop is actually my ex's and I just want to make sure like, there really is not much of a trace of me, more than there needs to be. She is super cool for letting me use it. I have no idea when I will give this back to her, I guess when I get a new laptop. Perhaps at income tax time? I just want to plan ahead and be ready for whenever that day comes.

I guess deleting one of those programs may have done the trick and the problem was fixed on accident!

The stress of this computer crashing was just nightmareish. I could barely get any posts done. The stress was a large reason that I wrote that extra emo post the other day LOL.

To put it in perspective, I think the computer has only crashed like once in about 24-36 hours, where before it would easily crash ten times an hour or more. I just was hitting the power button religiously.

But yeah, I am so glad it's working!!! It hasn't worked this well in like six months.

I am basically a tech GOD. Hahahahahaha.

Now it's time for bed. It's just too late now.

Showed my son this now CLASSIC movie. I read the books and loved them back in like 2008-ish.

Hive on folks.