So today was a lot better for me, mostly thanks to my son coming over a bit unexpectedly! It's been nice, we watched Harry Potter, ate some pretty good food, and we played a video game called 'The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan'

The game was free thanks to PlayStation Plus! It's a shame that my membership expires in about three days or so. But yeah, this game is a bit mature for my boy, but since I am by his side, I am ok with it. I try to look interfere if something is too bad.

But hell, I've watched crazier stuff than this when I was his age! My mom was not shy about showing me many scary movies. Besides my son's played Uncharted, watched some jump scare stuff, and his grandma has shown him some creepy stuff here and there.

All in all it's some solid fun!!! It's got an adventure feel to it, slightly like Uncharted in a way. It's mind-blowing how far video games have come!

I can only imagine what a PS5 has to offer! They cost a fortune and I keep hearing that it's like impossible to find one for some reason?

What is that about?

But yeah, the grind continues. Since my boy is here, I'm once again motivated and over my little episode. While I hate my depression, and I feel terrible here and there, my coping skills have improved significantly I'd say. I NEED to do better, but hell, it could be worse and I feel improvement.

Tomorrow my boy and I are just gonna relax and game. I may try to make a post other than my usual, but most of my attention will be on him.

Maybe we will go to the park.

Blogging is a part of my life, I still may make a post too.

I don't know, just keeping my eyes on the prize. Gonna listen to a podcast as I edit a video game clip or whatnot. Then sleep. Hive on folks.

The game my son and I started!

The podcast I'm gonna listen too!