There's a regular that comes in to work a lot and he's very nice. He's an older dude with cancer and he's always coming in and buying some sort of accessory to aid him in his music making, and it's pretty cool to see him chase his goals while also just having fun with it. I mentioned to him I really enjoy writing and would love to write a book one day. He said well what am I waiting for? Damn. Gave me serious goosebumps. I respected what he had to say a lot. He said to let him know if I ever have any lyrics/songs....

Man, what a profound little convo. Makes me want to go even harder man. I am just always tired, I wish I could write like WAY more. Still, I am getting more consistent.

Anyway. Work was meh. Had a bit of a longer shift so I am pretty tired.

A co-worker of mine got FIRED today, and it was pretty shocking! She was a manager, and man she was pretty nice. Employees have been coming and going a lot there lately. Pretty nuts. I guess my job is secure HA.

It's been entirely too long since I have seen my son, and I hate it. I hope soon I can save more and more money and change this situation up.

Yeah man, I am tired. I also think a wisdom tooth may be coming in, so that's not too awesome. I think it's coming in straight though, so perhaps I could get lucky here, we shall see.

Interesting Russell Brand video. Not sure what to make of this dude. He was a mega big comedian, is he still? Who knows. But meh, not a bad video I suppose.

Still, I've been mostly binge watching Are You Garbage. Hive on folks.