Well, I am about to start working more hours at my job and at the same time my work rate and ethic when it comes to my writing is slowly increasing and improving.

I am not making grand claims or anything. But I am just hacking away. I have been pushing well and bustling around, I am learning a lot.

I am missing my son but I am doing everything for him and my family and I guess myself too. This is going to be worth it and that's a fact. I always talk to him and he's coming over Sunday I believe. Soon he will be able to be over A LOT.

I paid some bills, I have all the money for rent, and I bought some groceries. Not bad. Made a post, not bad.

I like written plans. I am going to be working more, but instead of relying on cramming things in my brain, I can make a LIST. Writing is just as addictive as a phone in many ways. An extension of one's self.

On Hive I can somewhat organize my thoughts even though it may feel unorganized at times.

I went back and looked through the Titans and card communities and I realize that it's sort of fun to look back on these posts. Structured thoughts in blog form. Weird.

I don't know man I am just working and saving and working. I'm loving the twenty percent interest here.

I've been missing Phils and Sixers games but it's ok. I'm getting there.

Big fights on tomorrow, that should be fun to watch.

This was an erratic post but I am just so excited for these plans and posts. Hive on folks.

Love him or hate him, this dude hacked life. Eat pizza for a living, at least partially. Amazing.