I'm going to regret being awake right now ugh. Walked to work, came home and made a post. Gamed a little.

I'm getting some more hours at work so that's cool. Just gonna try and keep saving.

I'm off tomorrow and I have some caffeine at least. Got a free pack of cigs. So I'll just try to grind through the day, come home and forget I have a job for a full day. I'm hoping my son can be here that day off. I'm also off on Thursday.

I want to buy a JUMBO pack of popcorn. That's all I really want.

My cards came in the mail the other day and they're AMAZING. I can't wait to share them and expand my collection in the future!! I want to find a way to secure them and also display them. A good old binder works I suppose but I don't know I kinda want something better and safer/more secure somehow. I have a framed eight card piece which is pretty sweet.

Yeah I'm just tired HA.

My son's about to call me before school starts. Hive on folks.