Been feeling a little bleh lately. I get paid today and getting some things I need will be nice. I feel like I'm always saving. Or always walking or working.

Hive is down, Sixers lost, walked home from work. Miss my son. Just blah lol.

I think I'm just tired. Hungry too. But mostly tired. Work sucks too, but it's better than fast food I guess.

I need to try and do something fun. But I want to save and be disciplined to have a better life. Need to be smart.

Not even in an absolutely horrible mood, just tired and focused on one goal, feeling burnt out, but also I feel ashamed I feel this way, because I haven't really accomplished all that much to be feeling drained like this.

But I'm gonna buy some Hive later. Maybe I will buy a pizza. Who knows. Everything is so expensive though.

Just tired, glad I have what I have though. Life's not sunshine and rainbows. Life is just life.

Every day is special though. The other day as I walked to the station I thought of that. Every day is 1/365 in a year. I know time is irrelevant and age is just a number yada yada yada. But still, 1/365 makes a year feel pretty small.

Thinking about life and time that way sort of takes my breath away. Scares and excites me. Arguably panic attack inducing. I've always found decimals, fractions and proportions to be very satisfying math concepts to learn about. In baseball, there are countless different types of statistics to learn of and keep track of. All sports do. In baseball though it's fascinating because a player's batting average is like the definition of a player's status in the game.

A day is about .00274 of one year. Thinking about this and CRYPTO sort of boggles the mind more.

Numbers are weird. I'm just gonna try to use them to my advantage, or something.

HBD steady at 20 percent. I just gotta keep working and blogging and saving ALL types of currency.

At the end of the day, I must take action and keep working.

Hive on folks.