Hive's price is currently getting pretty wrecked, but I've been through this before. Still sucks but hey I guess Hive is cheap! I get paid in a few days I may have to buy some. I currently have a decent enough normal job so I am not insanely worried right now. Besides this place is for posting too, and that sweet HBD is still at twenty percent so that's pretty great too.

My son was over and so I spent time with him. No posting really during then. It's cool though. We hung out, ate some snacks, played some Twisted Metal: Black, watched some funny YouTube videos. The usual stuff. I gotta work a lot in the next week but I will make sure he benefits from it. Rents gotta get paid.

Some snacks from the past day or so.

We probably did some other stuff too lol. I'm about to wake him up for school with a big bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Watch some cartoons or something wholesome before school. Just try and make it a pleasant morning.

I was not going on too much sleep yesterday and so I unfortunately couldn't see too much of the Phils game, but I caught a fair bit of it. They lost a close one.

The Sixers got smacked in a big Game Six vs the Heat. Joel Embiids eye and various other ailments seem to be really bothering him. Stinks to see him hurt, but I absolutely admire his toughness. Series not over quite yet!

Pain. Philly sports are in pain right now LOL.

Between Twisted Metal and watching this video about ESPN NFL 2K5 there's been some random bits of nostalgia watching lately as well.

I played this game endlessly as a kid.

Twisted Metal seems to have a decent amount to offer and unlock. I played the original as a kid but don't think I ever played this sequel. Besides, when I was young I wasn't aware really of all the features and details like that.

I wish I had more time for video games. I may have to post more about video games.

I woke from a decent little nap earlier, I may attempt to make a post before I have my pre work nap. For now I'm gonna feed myself, wake my son for breakfast and go from there.

Ive got Nissin brand ramen which I find to be a lot tastier than Maruchan. Both are fine but I love me some Nissin. Hive on folks.