The grind continues. The more I push myself the more ideas flow. Trying to write about what I'm enthusiastic about. That's when things are easiest and I write best.

At times, I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew, but that's a weak mentality. I need to aspire for better and just keep pushing.

I know I'm making decent content, and my quality gets better the more I go. As long as I re-read before I post, I'm just going.

Thinking is not doing. I'm trying to take more action, rather than thinking about action. I'm only getting older, time's not on my side.

Tomorrow should be fun. I will see my family for the first time in awhile. We are seeing a minor league hockey game tomorrow so that should be fun. It's for my nephew's birthday. My nephew is going to be FOURTEEN soon. Just NUTS man. I remember holding him when he was a loaf of bread. Now the kid's getting huge and in love with hockey.

My son will love it, he misses his cousins.

It's always nice to watch a hockey game too. Live sports are always a treat!

The game is at a local arena that is surprisingly big. A lot of big name acts and artists actually perform there. I need to keep an eye out.

I want to see the new HP movie next week, but I don't think I'll have enough money. We shall see though!

Just a normal day. I'm really focused on writing up some posts. While watching some good podcasts on the way. I wish I was just a drone typing machine. I need to be. But I gotta take some small breaks sometimes.

Blah. Another day in the life. Hive on folks.