Well, another day of writing. Blogging. Whatever. I feel like I'm really living the life of a legit blogger. I am barely taking breaks and no longer taking pictures. I'm simply on to the next post.

The more I'm making myself write, the more ideas flow out of me. I'm running out of paper to take notes in quite frankly.

Rent this months should be interesting to gather, but I'm chipping away. My work ethic has increased as well. I must see the vision I have even if others don't. I don't want to overwhelm myself and stress myself out, but I also need to not care about my feelings or my stresses. I've just got to DO.

The world has been getting crazier with Russia stuff, truck convoys, and crazy vaccine freaks. I'm for sure forgetting some news I am sure.

I feel a rant incoming in a future post. It's bubbling and forming inside of me. It's been awhile. I do these minor little daily rants, which are great, but I think I'm going to do another legit one later either today or tomorrow.

Why? Just because. Why not? Hive is beautiful for that reason. Freedom of speech is beautiful.

Lots on my mind, and lots to do. The mission is never over! Random video of the day. Hive on folks.