Still feeling sick. This has been a crappy weird illness. My upper back and neck hurts. My head hurts especially behind my eyeballs. I feel dizzy and tired. My throat feels funny but not really that bad. Not too much coughing really.

I can't tell if I'm really getting too much better or it's just me taking a lot of medicine and vitamins and things.

I've definitely been in a fog, been getting sleep but I don't seem to be getting much energy.

This has just been an unpleasant blur of a sickness.

I have been just like watching YouTube. Nothing much else.

I don't feel as hot as I was before.

I wish I could write some posts. I think once I'm recovered I will be ready to really rock and roll!

I really don't know what this is that I have I'm hoping in two days I shall be better.

Hive on folks.