I have no idea how I made it through the day. Every part of my body wanted to keep sleeping this morning, but I got to work somehow. Damn. Long day. Somehow I'm still up. Came home, spoke to my son, showered, ate, made a video, blogged it, now blogging here.

I don't know man. Life is weird.

I'm at the point where little mini stresses happen so often, that I don't even have the time to truly stress about them, and next thing you know, the stressful thing never occurred or came to fruition if that makes sense.

I should probably worry about issues as they arise, not if they arise.

Yeah. My mind is mush, but I just wanted to keep the grind up. Gotta at least strive for something other than my stinkin' boring old job.

My one boss did come up to me randomly at the end of the day and shook my hand and told me he appreciated my hard work and that he appreciates that I'm always doing something.

It was nice. Boosted me like 1 percent. I was just a zombie a lot today, and I think he noticed.

I don't know man. Time for Madden, storytime with my boy and sleep.

Hive on folks.