I'm feling ok, but just a little on edge I guess. I always want results wayyyyy faster than I should want them. Meh.

Had work, it was ok enough. Work is always annoying no matter what I guess.

My one Youtube video I made will likely reach over 200 views, which is kinda cool.

After work I came home, made another video, made spaghetti and meatballs, and I spoke to my son for over an hour. Pretty productive after work, feels nice.

This paycheck coming up is going to be heavily spent on Christmas presents and stuff like that. Looking forward to getting some gifts for my son and family.

I so wish I could work on my own. I wish a lot of things.

Not feeling awesome, not terrible, but def leaning towards crappy.

I think I'm just gonna play some Madden and crash.

Just one of those days on the grind. Hive on folks.