I really get pretty terrible sleep throughout the week. But this Saturday I got LOTS of sleep. After a gritty, long week it felt great. I'm really feeling like a new man in many ways.

I'm up, made a video even though 3speak simply doesn't ever work for me. I even tried to use 3speak on my phone too but nothing. I guess I'll stick to youtube.

I'm gonna game, and watch sports all weekend probably. Blog a lot too I believe. Currently I'm watching a UFC fight night Lewis vs Spivac and watching Johnson and Zhumagulov fight in a men's flyweight matchup as of now.

Yeah, work was grimey and sort of annoying this week. Just gonna have a relaxing weekend.

My son is not here for some reason. Everyone is sick apparently. I really wish he was here. I bought some movies and everything to watch with him all weekend long. Ugh. Maybe he'll still be over then.

Yeah man. Fall is really really here. Cold daily now. My landlord turned on the gas so my apartment is heated and I don't gotta use my tiny space heater. I'm so grateful and lucky to have great shelter and warmth.

It will be nice watching football this weekend and not having to stress about my team!! Hopefully the Titans are getting rested up! Hive on folks.

May watch this later. Hive on folks.