Today was decent enough. Nothing special, nothing terrible. Wasn't as productive as I wanted to be after work but man, I was and still am pretty tired. Came home, sorta messed about on my phone, showered and then napped a little. Having a late dinner now. Tomorrow I'll try to be more productive, at least on Thanksgiving.

I bought burgers with onion already in them, with some cheese and whatnot it tastes like a white castle burger.

I really miss my son and it's terrible. He's off with family during his Thanksgiving break. Ughhhgghh. I message his mother always about him. Should be soon that I see him.

Getting Christmas presents is totally on my mind right now. I must really get moving on that.

I want to watch a movie tomorrow. I bought two the other day. Always something I want to or need to do next ughhh.

Anyway. It's been months since I watched Good Mythical Morning. When I was broke and hungry I couldn't watch their content LOL.


Probably forgetting something. So much to think about. I hope one day I can just work from home and always be there for my boy. All I can do is just do the best I can for him for now until I achieve my goals. Hive on folks.